Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Day!

Happy May Day!

The wheel of the year turns, and we all know that a turning wheel creates revolution, right?

Celebrate this joyous day, the greening of the year, the lives that we share-- interwoven into our community.

Do what you can to break out of your usual routine and recognize the sacred: within yourself, within the earth, within each other. The ancient idea of ritual was to do just that, to create a time where the usual is suspended, and we engage with the mysteries that surround us all the time. Make your own ritual, it just needs to be meaningful for you-- it isn't for anyone else. It need not involve May Poles, nor Morris Dancing. You don't even need a field or a bon fire (but hey, they are nice to utilize, if you happen to have 'em).

A few of my suggestions would be:

dance, ecstatically, alone or with friends
sing loudly
make love
watch birds
sit under a tree and connect with it- seriously, this is not just a cliche
watch a river, and listen to what it tells you
laugh out loud
say hello to strangers while looking them in the eye
walk in a way that pleases you
feel yourself in your body, love yourself
converse with divinity: god/dess / spirit

Let us all soak up the high energy of this holiday, this turning point, and let us re-write the game and re-create the world, together. Let that new world honor the individual, and the collective (as if this is an either or, dualistically limited choice!); let it celebrate and promote love, beauty, justice, sensuality, balance, sustainability, truth.

Many blessings to all on this day.
With Love, So Mote It Be!