Monday, October 31, 2005

Blessed Samhain

Something’s in the air…

I went out last week to one of those places where you don’t even have to try hard to feel the magnificent power of the earth and connection to all that is. High time that I did, too—I have just come off of a month of working 6 –7 days a week, and 10 – 14 hour days, at that. Add to it the incredible madness going on within the administration, the horrific social injustice staring us all in the face and a war without end (or really any reality based justification). Add to that the fragile nature of family, loved one’s passing and others in terrible crisis.

And so I went to the coast, and walked the trails around Oswald State Park in a blistering rain storm—the kind where the rain comes at you sideways, pushed fiercely by the wind whipped off of the sea. My feet crunching on all of the fall goodness beneath them. My hands reaching out to touch the softest mosses. And I felt alive and good and whole. I felt connected and ready to continue my service to universe/ to love.

In this time of year, the wall between the unseen world and that place we all know as the consensus based reality in which we live, work and play, becomes quite thin. The old year passes away, the physical becomes a husk, drying in the breeze. Breaking down to its essential molecules, reseeding the earth.

Happy Samhain, all.

Remember that you are love and love is the strength of the universe.

To all my relations, seen and unseen—
To all my relations, on this side and the other—
To all my relations, I sing our connection—
Many blessings on this new year.

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Eugene said...

Many to you, as well, my friend Ani. May this year bring you many great things and may we all do our part to make the world a better place for all of our relations.